Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Abide Designs. Please find below a list of frequently asked questions. If we have not answered your question, please schedule a free intro call with us. We would love to speak more about your project.

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Q: How would you describe your design style?

A: At Abide Designs, we pride ourselves on being versatile and we believe that every project is unique and different. We work with each client to find that perfect look that fits their individual style and personality.

Q: What is your signature style?

A: My signature style is constantly evolving as I discover more quality pieces by various trade vendors.  My travels also inspire me to try new things from a design perspective that will fit my clients needs but help them create a custom space that is not cookie-cutter and like all their neighbors homes.  My own personal home reflects transitional style with hints of Boho Glam. :)

Q: What design services do you offer?

A: We specialize in Full-Service design where we collaborate with our clients to create a complete & cohesive design from the ground up! We also offer services with a reduced level of time & investment. These different options are discussed during our initial Intro Call, so we can pinpoint which service is best for your project.

Q: When do you think is the best time to reach out for a new build or renovation project?

A: When considering a renovation or new home, the value of having an interior designer involved from the very beginning cannot be overstated. Not only will an interior designer help you decide on the look and feel of your space, but they can also offer invaluable advice and guidance as to what works best with your budget.

At Abide Designs we can work with your architect to make sure your home meets your needs for daily living. We do this by understanding what you need and making sure it is accounted for in the big picture. Whether you are building new or remodeling your home, it is important to have a design professional on your team who can bring the project to life. So, to answer your question, hire a designer right away! We hope that you will entrust us with the design of your home. Head to our CONTACT page and schedule your Intro Call to learn more today!

Q: How long is the design process and how long does it take before installation?

A: The timeline of our design process is really determined by the scope of our projects.  Obviously, a new construction or renovation project can take months or even years.  If we are completing a room refresh, this could be completed in weeks to months, depending on size of room, level of involvement, and of course, furniture lead times.

Q: Where do you get your furniture?

A: One of my favorite aspects of being an interior designer is gaining access to dozens & dozens of exclusive TRADE ONLY vendors.  This allows us to source only the best products for our clients, depending on their lifestyle & aesthetic.  It’s so fun to see their faces as we create & reveal custom home designs utilizing amazing home decor & furnishings that are tasteful & timeless. 

Q: Do I have to live in Florida to inquire about your services?

A: Actually, No!  We can create a digital e-design plan for you to implement on your own, or if you are planning a move down or a second home, we can get things started virtually, and, of course, meet with you in person when you are in town so you can see & feel items in person when available.

Q: How involved will I have to be in the design process?

A: The beauty of Full Service design is that we take away the headache.  While we collaborate with you throughout the design process, we do our best to get to know you and your family upfront, so we can create a design that meets your needs and gives you the cohesive space you're looking for.   Once you approve our designs we take over all the order placement & management, delivery & installation.  You get to sit back and enjoy it!

Q: Do you offer free in-home consultations?

A: For our initial in-home consultation, we do charge a non-refundable fee. It helps us know if the project will be right for you and your family, and give you design advice and direction. We want to make sure that it is worth both of our time and effort, especially when traveling to your home. Clients often appreciate the information, support and guidance they receive during their consultation!

Q: What is included in the initial walkthrough consultation and how do I prepare?

A: The initial consultation is fun, and most clients look forward to it!  You get us for a full hour, as we walk through your home (or design center/model for new construction) and discuss all the areas you love as well as where you want us to focus our energy and your hard-earned money.  You will also receive a Welcome Packet with helpful information all about our services and how the design process works.

Q: How will you present your design concept and ideas?

A: WE will walk you through a digital Design Concept then a Developed Design presentation to help you truly envision your rooms and get excited for the transformation!

Q: What can I expect on Installation Day?

A:  On the day of your installation, when all the beautiful wallpaper, millwork, painting, draperies and light fixtures are already in place. All your new furnishings will be delivered to our warehouse and then carefully placed in your home by our team. If there are any items that need to be moved out, we'll help coordinate with you. We ask that our clients not be home during installation because it can be a bit of a major staging area before it gets pretty! We try to move through quickly to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

Q: Is this process going to be expensive?

A:  Every project is different, and during our Design Concept phase, we work with you to create a custom, preliminary budget, according to your scope of work.  We will walk you through this process along the way, so there are never any surprises, and you are completely comfortable with all the steps and expenses along the way.

Q: Can you design something in my requested style?

A: We have accounts at furniture & decor lines across the country in many different design styles, and we are always looking for ways to stretch our  ‘wings’ as designers, so in most cases we can certainly work with our clients to make their home style dreams come true!

Q: Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards for your services?

A: We certainly do!  Perfect for the holidays or a special occasion!!

Q: Do you believe remodeling my home will be a wise investment?

A: Your home is quite possibly the biggest purchase you will ever make. Decorating your home helps to increase its value and is usually well worth the investment. Statistics show that a well-decorated home will sell faster and for top dollar. Your home is where you likely spend the most time; investing in a space that creates balance and harmony in your life is a great investment in your well-being.

Q: How do I get started?

A: We want to hear from you!  Fill out our brief Inquiry form on our website, and we follow up quickly with a link to schedule a FREE Intro. Call.  Every project begins with this brief, 30- minute chat, which allows us to get to know each other briefly and see if we will be a good fit for each other.  If so, we will follow up with a calendar link to book your In Home Consultation, where the fun begins!!

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