Hi! I’m Kati! Let me introduce myself.

I am a Florida native, growing up in Sarasota. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Carson Newman University in East Tennessee, I became a teacher for 10 plus years. My favorite parts of being an educator were always the kids and the creativity. After having my own two amazing kiddos, I desired a career that would allow me to spend more time with them AND utilize my strengths in creating!!

*Enter interior design and decorating…

After building a few family homes and working with other talented interior designers and decorators, I loved being a part of the creative  process, and I knew this was what I wanted to do! I completed my training through the New York Institute of Art and Design, and then... Abide Designs was born! What I enjoy most about interior design is helping my clients put together the pieces of a space that is beautiful, functional, and feels like “them”.

So, whether it’s a personal residence, vacation home (hey, we live in paradise, people!) or place of business, I adore helping clients create spaces where they can abide in style. :)


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