When we got the call to refresh a local beloved business that does nothing more than refresh smiles in our community, we were a solid, toothy YES!!    

This local orthodontics office was in need of a facelift.  Since expanding their space about 10 years prior, the decor needed a bit of an update.  The red accent tile, dark walls, and dated light fixtures were the main items on our list.  Along with some fresh wall decor and all new signage throughout the 5000+ square foot office, we were ready for action.

First off, the walls were in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint- along with the doors & trim.  Benjamin Moore SIMPLY WHITE was the perfect shade to brighten things up but had just enough warmth in it to tie into the existing wood colors of the floors & cabinetry that were staying

Next up, accent walls… One of our challenges was finding a new tile backsplash to tie into the existing flooring and cabinetry.  This stone tile from Floor & Decor was the solution to this quandary.  The color palette was perfect to tie into our different existing wood tones and to also add another texture & replace the old red mosaic tiles of the past.

The client also wanted a new main reception sign as well as smaller directory signs throughout the office space.  These acrylic signs from Gulf Coast Signs were just the ticket and turned out smashingly.  They did an excellent job of capturing the company logo & color scheme, while still giving it an updated, clean look that will last for the years to come.

When we had to order over 24 new flush mount lights and 10+ pendant lights to tie into the transitional, classic feel the client desired, we actually used Pottery Barn commercial lighting.  Clear glass & clean lines were just what we needed to add the accent lighting this renovated place of business needed.

The wall mirrors were another major component of the medical factor of the decor–I mean, who can clean their teeth or braces without glancing at their pretty new smile in the mirror above the sink?  These gems were found at a commercial source online and fit the bill perfectly.

And speaking of mirrors, the paneled mirrors from Pottery Barn Commercial were the perfect way to fill in some blank wall space throughout the large office area.  These large & small-scale mirrors, both in round & rectangular shapes were the perfect complement to the other finishes in this space.

And because we always need something green, these wall succulents from Pottery Barn were just the right idea.  They gave another texture and added some life to a place that can be sterile (for dental purposes) but not cold. :)

In all, giving this local gem of a business the revamp that it needed was such a fun, fulfilling way to be a part of our community.  SMILES all around!!